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Free to small business owners - share this with your staff

“Pensions Questions Answered” free to small business owners to share with their staff.

As we reach the end of Talk Money Talk Pensions week, it’s time to reflect on where we are up to. This week has been an opportunity to think about money, to talk with those that matter to you about your financial state and your financial plans. If nothing else happens this week, hopefully you have got the message that talking about finances, opening up the conversation will be of benefit to everyone around you.

Approximately 9 million people in the UK run out of money before the end of the month. This can cause spiralling debt where you continually take on more debt to pay for current debt and so on.

The campaign this week has been designed to educate us all into feeling comfortable around money issues. For most people, they have never been taught how money works apart from the mathematics of it. We need to educate our children and ourselves to make this taboo subject less so.

And finally, 22 million people in the UK don’t understand about their pension. In response to that and as part of my commitment to helping others understand and open up more about money this week, I am writing to staff about pensions, answering some of the often asked questions. I have prepared a free sheet for business owners to pass on to their staff. It is based around the usual questions that come up about the Government backed NEST pension.

To join my mailing list and receive a free copy of “Pension Questions Answered”, please get in touch

Terri Bourne is currently writing a book about retiring from your small business.

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