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About Terri

After a successful career in teaching and school management, Terri fulfilled a yearning ambition to set up her own business. Enjoying the challenge of starting a business from scratch, she went on to set up 7 different ventures over a ten-year period, all running concurrently, one of which had 16 branches. 


Terri relied heavily on building good staff teams, developing bespoke staff training and devising business systems to take each company forward. An advocate and practitioner of life-long learning, she gained a Masters in Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University to further understand successful team management, her research speciality being the work-life balance of entrepreneurs. 


Experienced in running more than one business herself, Terri later researched portfolio entrepreneurship whilst gaining a Doctorate in Business at Sheffield Hallam University and is still an expert in this niche academic field. 

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Terri has been a guest speaker at business groups in the NW, covering a variety of topics, including systemising your business for growth, you and your work-life balance and portfolio entrepreneurship. 


More recently, Terri has turned her attention to look at exit planning, retirement and beyond. Her current research has led her to believe that many business owners concentrate their efforts on building and running their businesses but fail to look at how to exit them in the best possible way. 


Terri’s current research and book: The Beginning of the End

This book is based on many years of experience in using systems for business set up and growth. She is now applying the same approach, reversing the process to assist entrepreneurs with successful retirement planning.    


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