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The Beginning of the End


You’ve given your all to your business, nurturing it, building it, employing people, being responsible for everything. So, what about your next stage? What about you? Your business owes you. It owes you for the sleepless nights, the money worries, the lack of holiday times the free time to spend with friends and family. 

Well it’s pay-back time. 

But does that mean selling your business…? Not necessarily.


Terri Bourne, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, experienced in setting

up and running businesses has now turned her attention to the last

business stage. She will guide you through your options to develop a

personal plan, making sure that your business continues working for you

well into your old age.

Welcome to the business exit phase where we aim to make your

business work as hard for you as you have worked for it.

Already got the book?

Click here to download the free workbook which accompanies

The Beginning of the End. 

It guides you through your own thinking​, providing a personalized,

private written record which you can look back on any time. Complete

the workbook as you go along, or dip in and out of to help you come to

your decision. 

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