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Entrepreneurial Flexibility

You’ve already got one business up and running and you feel quite happy with how its going. You then see another opportunity for business, but its not really connected to what you do now. You have two options a) give up your first business and concentrate on the new one or b) start a new business and run it alongside the one you have already. 

If you close down or sell the original business you are considered to be a serial entrepreneur (having had a series of businesses), if however, you continue to run both you are considered to be a portfolio entrepreneur, (running a portfolio of businesses).


As an experienced portfolio entrepreneur herself Terri Bourne can guide you through the benefits and barriers of taking on a further business – or businesses. With a little bit of flexibility you can run more than one business at the same time and make good use of your transferable skills and the experience, systems and staff you have in place already to make a subsequent business just as successful as your first. 

Planned carefully, you can share resources and skills across both or all of your businesses saving you time, energy and money in the long run. This book will show you how to make the move from one to many with ease without burning yourself out.

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