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Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week

Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week

Next week 18th November 2019, marks the beginning of a week long initiative supported by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS.) This annual event aims to get people like you and me talking about our money situations and about our pensions.

Assigning a week to this nationally gives permission for people to start conversations about every sort of money issue from pocket money to pension income. MaPS are hoping that by encouraging people to talk openly about money, it will become much less of a taboo.

Other benefits of opening up these conversations could be that:

· relationships become more open when people feel able to discuss money

· talking about money breaks the stigma associated with it

· it positively affects peoples well being people through financial well-being

The theme for Talk Money, Talk Pensions week 2019 is Financial Wellbeing.

I shall be joining in the conversation every day next week as it fits neatly into my interest around retiring and selling your small business. I hope you will join me.

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